Investment Management



For assets under management with GRAEP

< $1,000,000     = 1%
Next $1,000,000 = .75%
$2-5,000,000 = .5%
> $5,000,000 = .35%

There is no minimum asset requirement with GRAEP, however there is a minimum quarterly fee of $250 for ongoing asset management services.

Should the assets being managed are in type of account (IE-401k) with limited choices (20 or fewer) and you do not have the ability to transfer or rollover to an open investment account, the fee charged to manage these assets is .5%.  There is a minimum quarterly fee of $250 for this service.

Determining the end result desired & where you are now

Each of us have different goals, time-frames, and risk-tolerances.  I will work with you to determine how much you will need for retirement, make the appropriate adjustments for inflation, and this will give us and end target.  Based on how much you currently have invested, we can determine if you are on target or need to make adjustments.  If adjustments are needed, you will have to pick one or more of the following items:

          1. Invest more dollars

          2. Invest more aggressively

          3. Delay retirement

          4. Reduce your income desires

None of us wants to make these choices, yet if changes are needed, the sooner they are made, the easier it will be to still achieve your original goals.

Recommending the appropriate investments and accounts

I recall reading several years ago in the Wall Street Journal and recently read an article from H&R Block saying that the average American overpays their taxes by roughly 14-17% per year. Choosing the right type of investment account can help minimize this. Once the account type is chosen, then the investments will be selected. I will use a variety of investments depending on your situation and circumstances. Your account may consist of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), covered calls, protective puts, as well as individual stocks and bonds.

Monitoring and re-balancing to either maintain your investment strategy or to take advantage of opportunities based on market conditions

So often, especially with 401(k) and other retirement accounts, people will set them up, then virtually ignore them. This makes no sense as this is or should be your largest asset. There are many analogies one could use such as pruning a bush for better and healthier growth, or proper maintenance of your car or house to keep them working smoothly. I will give your assets the attention they need for proper risk-balanced growth. Also, from time to time, things go “on-sale” (also known as market corrections). When appropriate, I will make adjustments to participate in the recovery of market conditions.

Communicating and reviewing with you the results of your investments as well as inquiring about any life-changing events that may change the strategy previously identified

My desire is to be the last financial planner you will ever use. The key to any long-lasting relationship is good ongoing communication. I understand that you have hired me and that I have the responsibility to share with you what is happening to your investments as well as the economy. I commit to you the following:

– I will return all phone calls within 24 hours.
– I will provide you quarterly summary statement reviewing all assets and insurance you have with GRAEP.
– I will review with you via phone at least quarterly what has transpired and what changes, if any need to be made.
– I will meet with you face to face at least semi-annually.
– I will educate you not just on what I recommend, but why I recommend it. By you understanding what is happening, we will work better together, understand each other better, and enjoy working together.

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