Recent or Soon-to-be Job Changers

If you have recently or plan on changing jobs soon, this information is for you.


The fee for this type of service is $475.  This will include several meetings to review and plan for your objectives.  You will also get a written document detailing the information reviewed and an accompanying action plan.

You may want help on evaluating your new 401(k) or specific retirement plan.  Although your account will be small, you want it to grow quickly, yet most people spend more time evaluating what restaurants are closest to your new office than which investment to pick and the appropriate amount of each to pick

You may need help understanding an picking the other various benefits.  Which health care plan is the best value for your money?  Should you get group life and how much?  What disability choices do you have?  I have seen new employees make these choices in a matter of minutes, and not realize that they are stuck with these choices until the next open enrollment time.  When the open enrollment does happen, the choices are usually made hastily again.

Are you considering a new employer?  Pay is negotiable, but benefits rarely are.  If the prospective new employer doesn’t have an adequate benefit package, you need to know this ahead of time and then can use this as leverage on increased pay to compensate for the extra out of pocket expenses you would incur working with them.

What do you do with your old company retirement plan?  Leaving your money at the old company has it downsides.  You will have limited choices on where you can invest the money.  Typically the expenses in your plan (which very few people ever review) are significantly higher than if you rolled the money elsewhere.  You would not have the advantages of stretch options for non-spouse beneficiaries.  Are you between 55 and 59?  There are tax benefits available for drawing the money directly from the plan that you would lose with an IRA.

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